Partnership with Visionaries 2/26/2009 9:07:43 AM
Dr. Aziza Braithwaite Bey will be partnering with the Visionaries, an award winning television series shown on public television to produce a one hour documentary entitled Defining Style: the Untold Story of Fashion Designers  Circa 1960’s  - 1990’s for it's  sixteenth season.


Through interviews with key designers of the time, this special episode of Visionaries will capture the moving stories of Arthur McGee, Iris Irby, Bayyinah “Ajabu” Abdus Sabur, Janie Sconiers (Laughing Water), Elena Braith (Aziza Braithwaite Bey), Stephen Burrows and others, and place them in an international and historical context.  The documentary will take viewers on a journey to understand the innovations, the challenges, and the triumphs facing people of color in the fashion design industry during this revolutionary time period.

The documentary will examine this ignored subject and demonstrate how the silencing of these voices has impacted the history of all of America and the world.  In addition to telling the stories of these important members of our society, we plan to pull in other aspects of the era by weaving in the music and art from the time period, all coming together to create a television experience that will speak to the viewer in a way that goes beyond simply conveying information.  The “Defining Style…” documentary will provide an opportunity for the viewer to connect with history by experiencing the individual stories of the people who helped create and inspire the fashion and art of our past and thus our future.

Visionaries believes that the interest in this subject matter will transcend cultural lines and will peak the greater public’s interest in this particular era in American history.   This will be a one hour show or have the capability of being shown as (2) half hour segments.  Public television stations across the country will have the opportunity to air the program during an agreed upon licensing timeframe, usually two years.   DVD’s will be distributed to middle and high schools, career counselors, and libraries.

Contact Information:  For more information about this project, please contact us at:

Elizabeth Turner – Executive Director Tel: (617) 947-3239 OR The Visionaries (800) 647-5559
FAX (775) 659-5610