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PRESS RELEASE                            March 28, 2007

(An Online Gallery for an African American Fashion Pioneer)

Arthur McGee emerged as the designer who was known as the dean and godfather of designers of African ancestry, whose former clients included Sybil Burton, Lena Horne, Steve Wonder, Mrs. Harry Belafonte, Cicely Tyson, Arthur Mitchell and others.

The concept of creating an online gallery for African American fashion designer, mentor and pioneer Arthur McGee is the brainchild of Aziza Braithwaite Bey, PhD, one of Mr. McGee's mentee designers. It began in the fall of 2005 with a research project to explore the works and philosophies of fashion designers of African ancestry, who worked during the periods 1960’s – 1990’s in the U.S.A.

The purpose of this project is to make sure his legacy will be preserved, and that his enormous contributions will not be forgotten.   

Here is a partial excerpt from the site:
Arthur L. McGee was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1933. His mother made clothes which inspired him to do the same. In 1951 he saw a contest being promoted by the famous Traphagen School of Design on the back of a local paper in Detroit. He entered the contest and won a scholarship to attend the school. He worked at the library in his home town and saved enough money to go to NY...

Purchasing his own sewing machine he began making clothes and eventually started designing for a company in NYC. He also opened his first store on St. Marks Place in NYC where is clientele included Cybil & Richard Burton among others such as Arthur Mitchell of the Dance Theater of Harlem. It was during this period that he began designing for many movie and performing stars...

On the site, viewers will also find:
•    A design gallery of his famous fashions
•    A list of his clients - the Some of the biggest names in African American Hollywood and Broadway
•    Designers mentored by Arthur McGee - the top African American designers of the period
•    Arthur McGee's Best Practices
•    An Arthur McGee Blog

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